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Passport to Life - Fear Not!

All of us have experienced fear at one time or another. But are you living in constant fear, dread, or discouragement? God wants you free of that, and He has done everything it takes to make you free!

There is no fear in God; in fact His perfect love casts out fear (I John 4:18). Fear is a work of the devil, and Jesus has destroyed the works of the devil.

Satan is the one making you feel afraid, coming at you through your thoughts with his lies and deception. But John 15:26 assures you that God has given you the Spirit of Truth.

Let this message arm you with the Word, the understanding, and the revelation you need to fight the good fight against the enemy of fear. Walk in the freedom Jesus has purchased for you and stand fast in His liberty!

This 24-page booklet is easy to read, booklet packed with truth and wisdom.You will want to order extras to share  with others.

The cost of this life-changing booklet is a suggested donation of $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Passport to Life - Getting Past Your Past

Does your past affect you? Does it paralyze you? Are you letting your past influence your future?

Focusing on the past is like an anchor - you may have the 'boat' of your life in drive, but the drag from that anchor will make forward motion nearly impossible. You can't look at your future from the perspective of your past. Your destiny is before you, not behind.

How do you see yourself - through your past or through God's eyes? This booklet will help you step out of your past and into the future God has for you. Let it show you how to become what God has created you to be and to do what God has called you to do. Turn your attention to what is ahead, and get past your past!

This 40-page booklet is practical and powerful! You'll want to order extras to bless others. The $5.00 cost is a suggested donation, plus shipping and handling.

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