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Who We Are and What We Do

You may ask, "Why Acts 29? There are only twenty-eight chapters in the book of Acts." That is exactly right. The twenty-ninth chapter is still being written today! We believe God is still alive and well and doing great works in the earth today! Each day, miracles and works of God are being added to the "acts" of the believers!

We are Dedicated:

to taking the Gospel to the world
to awaken the Body of Christ to its responsibility in the Great Commission
to train leaders world-wide
to equip the saints for the work of the ministry
to carry out mission work both home and abroad 

What we Do:

Help churches in the area of missions: training missionaries, starting mission programs within the church, and organizing short-term mission trips.
Take mission trips abroad for the purpose of ministry, teaching, and training.
Organize short-term mission trips
Speak in churches, seminars, Bible studies, men's/women's groups

If you or your church are interested in mission training or starting a mission program or going on a short-term mission trip, we can help you. You may already have a mission program in place. We can help to reinforce and strengthen the vision by holding a mission seminar or speaking when you have a mission Sunday. Please contact us through our ministry email at or call us at 712-309-8478.

Along with our mission experience, we have over 30 years of experience in teaching the Word. We are teachers and encouragers in the Word to help people reach their God-given destiny and purpose. We are available to speak at men's and women's conferences, Sunday morning services, mission conferences, or special events.

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