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Greece -

Does God love the Greek people? Absolutely! Do they want anything to do with Him? That remains to be seen.

What we experienced in Greece was people who were trying to find God through their religion. They are not aware of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As we talked with people they told us they really didn't need God because they had the church

Unfortunately, they also told us the relationship between the church and the people has been shattered. The people, especially the young people, see the hypocrisy of the church, the politics involved, and the scandals. They have no need or desire for this type of religion. They still attend church because that is how they have been raised. But there is no Life.

Some of the things we saw were people, including children, trying to earn some money, either by begging, entertaining, or selling their wears.

These are some of the sights in the market and coffee shop areas. We loved being out among the people.

God gave us favor to be able to meet with the Mayor of Corinth. Nikos, whom we met on our last trip, just "happen" to know the mayor and said he would get us an appointment with him. Nikos was good to his word. We met with the mayor, presented him with a letter of greeting from our city and a small gift. He was appreciative and presented us with gifts. We asked him what we could pray for him but he wasn't receptive to it. This was a divine appointment, we planted a seed, and God will use it in the future.

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