The Gathering Place The Gathering Place The kitchen before any work. 143018711 The main rooms in transformation. 143018712 Home for The Gathering Place 143018713 What we look like now, with new sign. 168000233 Part of the main room looking towards a meeting room. 143018714 Finished product (except for the people) 168000234 The 'upper room' before any decorating. 143018715 Upper room ready for fellowship 168000235 The Main room after phase 1 (cleaning & painting) 160801489 First event - a MOPS Christmas party 160801490 Decorated for Christmas 160801491 Bible study 160801486 Coffee bar 160801487 Clean up in the back yard 160801488 Prayer meeting 160801492 Baby shower 160801485 Decked out for Homecoming 168000231 Our new sign set up for Homecoming 168000232